East Geelong Community Centre

FMSA continues to work with Karingal on the design of their redeveloped community centre located in East Geelong. The design and artists impressions have been received positively by the community at large, included the pictured image.

Construction of the East Geelong Community Centre is set to begin in late April.

182 Capel Street Progress Update

Building at our Capel Street Office continues into winter, with the first sections of cladding and external blinds being installed this week. Work has also begun in the main foyer, which will see a new lift shaft and staircase installed. With the end in sight, everyone is excited to see the building taking shape as you can see in the latest photos.

BER Program schools begin to open

FMSA’s BER team are quite used to driving all over the State visiting the sites of the 28 plus primary and secondary schools we have been working with as a part of this program.

But recent trips have been a little different than normal, with a number of the schools officially opening over the last few months, including Surfside Primary School, Leopold (pictured) and most recently Rosyln Primary School in Geelong.

With the remainder of the schools due to be completed by July 2011, the FMSA BER team is looking forward to sitting back and admiring the results of the mammoth exercise that has been the focus of the dedicated team for almost 2 years.

Cranes and posi-struts at 182 Capel

Work on our green retrofitting project at our head office FMSA Capel Street continues to move along at a fast pace.

With the steelwork almost complete, this week has seen the arrival of the Posi-Struts for the new floor. After a few sessions and the help of a rather large crane, the floor posi-struts are currently being installed.

Steelwork at 182 Capel St takes shape

The steelwork at our head office at 182 Capel Street continues to take shape, with work over the weekend revealing the crisp and angular form of the new 2nd floor addition. The steel work is almost complete with the flooring structure slated for installation next week – stay tuned for updates.

And the second floor arrives!

After weeks of preparation internally and on the roof; over the weekend the erection of the steel framework for the new second floor began at FMSA Capel Street Office.

Sections of steel were craned into position and the form of the new building was finally revealed which we are pretty excited about. More steel work is planned for the coming weekend so check back soon for more progress shots.