In the studio | Work experience at FMSA

A few times a year we host work experience students in the FMSA studio to give them an insight into what the day to day” is like for an architect. Rather than task them with photocopying and filing we set them a series of design tasks that allows them to see what being an architect involves, learn some new programs and of course try out spatial design.

Last week we hosted our latest work experience student Nicole and we were so impressed with her design that we just had to share it. We set Nicole the task of designing a building that would activate the pocket park outside the FMSA studio. Currently the park is a lacklustre island of grass and a few trees surrounded on all sides by roads and apartments. In other words, the opportunities are endless.

Throughout the FMSA staff shared their skills and what they do to give Nicole an idea about what she could expect from a career in architecture, and to give her some guidance to develop her design.

Nicole embraced the task from day 1 and developed a detailed concept for a communal hub named The Hive included a 3d model, a physical model and materials boards. We love the concept and wish that something like this really existed to activate the space. Fingers crossed that City of Melbourne does something with this space in the future.

Thanks to the FMSA team members for sharing their knowledge with Nicole, especially Jess, David & Emily!