Sows Ear Competition Entry

FMSA recently entered the Chapman & Bailey Design Challenge 2011. The Sow’s Ear Challenge 2011 is an opportunity for designers to flex their creative muscle by creating an innovative, beautiful and functional item of furniture using waste generated from their workshop, namely hoop pine stretcher off cuts.

Designed by FMSA staffers graduate Jonny and interior designer Kim, the design of LEAP was based upon generating a form that juxtaposes the flat smooth top surface with the jagged base, creating the illusion of cantilevering from part of the furniture. The design idea is also based on the idea of modularity. The form of the module allows different configurations to be created for different applications – side table, seat or coffee table.

A conscious decision was made to limit the material palette to the specified timber off cuts and new steel angled support elements. This decision was based on the desire to create furniture that expresses the raw and rustic qualities of the material in a refined elemental form.

The way the timber is stacked is also another crucial component of the design. The timber off cuts are stacked in a way that assumes order and regularity with exterior off-cut pieces (visible from the side) to be less than 500mm long to create the floating effect we intended.