Sketch to Reality: Portsea Residence

Each space and building we design in the FMSA studio starts from the idea often expressed as a quick sketch. The act of sketching allows our designers to explore their ideas and in doing so they set the aesthetic form and architectural expression of the end product. The journey from sketch to building is unique as each project.

Today we share a sketch and photographs of the Portsea House to show how the feeling evoked by the lines on a page are evident in the final form.

Located in the seaside town of Portsea, the Portsea House is a modern luxury beach house.  Designed to optimise the panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay, the home is grounded on the site by the simple palette of natural textural materials used creating an open and light spatial quality.

In the sketch by the project architect FMSA Principal Peter Sandow we see the early exploration of siting and the journey  from the street to the home on the challenging sloping site. In the final resolution we see the journey is celebrated in the form of the sandstone staircase leading to the home nestled on top of the site.

Photographer: Rhiannon Slatter Photography