Raising the Bar – State of Design Festival

In recent years, the use of recycled materials and products have been the catalyst for new and innovative designs. For architects, the challenge is to demonstrate how this thinking can generate sustainable design in the built world.

Raising the Bar challenges architects to use recycled materials to design components of a working licensed bar. The exhibition will feature 10 architects – including FMSA –each using 10 different types of recycled materials.

FMSA’s task is to design and construct a bar .The re-use of waste materials is of prime concern to us with this project. There are several waste (re)sources that this project can tap into: general waste, waste produced by an architectural office, waste produced by building sites.

However the waste produced by the Order of Melbourne itself is what we feel the project should be about. If we can use the waste they produce themselves we are in effect closing the waste loop completely and this is really environmental responsibility at its most fundamental.

Presented by Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter, the constructed bar which will focus on re-use and recycling and will be exhibited during the State of Design Festival as a destination for architects and the public to meet and socialise.