Monash Uni Student Precinct Masterplan


Monash University




Churchill, Victoria





In 2009, FMSA Architecture was engaged by Monash University to design the West Residences Student Precinct Masterplan for the Gippsland Campus (now Federation University Gippsland Campus).

The masterplan responded to the University’s requirement to address the growing need for on-campus accommodation and create a better connection between the existing University campus and the Churchill town centre.

The existing student residential precinct was insular and did not encourage a thriving residential academic community, providing little opportunity for the establishment of strong communal interaction and residential support infrastructure. Suitable accommodation options were not offered to meet the differing requirements based on year level of study, and the buildings did little to satisfy housing needs of a growing post-graduate market.

The new Precinct Masterplan consists of a combination of accommodation types for students, staff and visiting academics. The new precinct includes short and medium term provision of accommodation for up to 600 students in a variety of housing types responding to the different needs and budgets of prospective students.

Stage one of the masterplan was completed by FMSA Architecture in 2012.

The new Precinct Masterplan consists of a combination of accommodation, learning and social spaces.

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