School for Student Leadership Gnurad-Gundiji Campus


Department of Education and Training




Glenormiston South


$ 3.8 million


Interior Design
Project Management

As part of the School for Student Leadership, the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus at Glenormiston operates as a residential education facility 45 students from the state education system are chosen to attend the centre for one school term.

The educational rationale for the centre is to provide an experience that fosters independence and self-reliance in students as well as developing communication, project management and leadership skills. A further focus is to encourage an interaction with the environment that nurtures the students and provides them with an understanding of the ecological significance of the natural environment.

The building design takes advantage of expansive panoramic views across the Western Plain and aims to express functional performance and connection with the landscape. Facilities are configured to ensure students develop sharing skills, amenities and resources are not over-abundant but limited to ensure sustainable responses.

Operationally, the building design seeks to provide staff with clear supervision within the building and flexible spaces that accommodate a range of uses. Such economical space utilisation also allows for future curriculum development.

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