Headspace Greensborough


Headspace + Mind Australia




Greensborough, Victoria


$ 450,000


Interior Design

In 2015 FMSA was engaged by Headspace and Mind Australia to design the fitout for their combined new youth services centre in Greensborough.  The health architecture solution is a result of extensive consultation with the Headspace and Mind Australia staff, and youth representatives utilise the services to ensure that the spaces met their specific needs and the wider organisational design standards and guidelines.

The centre comprises a variety of consulting and clinical rooms as well as shared meeting spaces and dedicated staff areas. The design of the fitout was configured to promote intuitive movement from the front door to reception, and from there on to a consulting room, clinical room or to a meeting room.

Using flexible furniture solutions, the central waiting area can be divided into a series of smaller alcoves for waiting or small group discussion; or reconfigured to create an open space for informal gatherings and events.

The following key design solutions have been integrated in the solution:

  1. Central waiting area contains flexible furniture that can be reconfigured to create alcoves in for waiting or small group discussion, or large group gatherings
  2. Group room contains flexible furniture and AV capability to accommodate a range of group activities
  3. Client accessible areas are designed to balance the needs of vulnerable clients with the safety and operational requirements of the staff.
  4. Colour palette incorporates branding colours of both organisations to create an inclusive and calming space.

Headspace Greensborough is the third project that FMSA has serviced for headspace following the success of the Geelong and Adelaide centres.

Photography: Rachael Dere Photography

Headspace Greensborough

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