Carpet Call Victoria Headquarters & Warehouses


Carpet Call




Notting Hill, Victoria


$13 million total


Interior Design

Beginning in 2011, FMSA has involved in the national rollout of Carpet Call Warehouses and Headquarters. FMSA has delivered the Victorian Warehouse and Headquarters in Victoria for timber and carpet products.  Each warehouse is over 4,500min size and is supported by administrative spaces including offices, retail showrooms and reception. The buildings feature leading operational technologies including energy efficient lighting, in-rack sprinkler logistics, multiple document transmission technologies, solar panels and transparency throughout all office and warehouse spaces.

FMSA pride ourselves in providing our client with dedicated design services that meet and exceed their expectation.  We have provided our client with a revamped image and increased staff productivity within the office space and showroom attached to the warehouse and delivery centre that we have completed in Victoria.

Since completing the Victorian Warehouse and Showroom, the Client has advised that their revenue in Victoria has increased by 40% per annum.  We anticipate similar if not better results in the NSW Warehouse and Showroom when the project is completed.

FMSA Architecture as Architects, Interior Designers and Superintendents worked together with the builders under a design and construct model to provide not only a Warehouse and Headquarters but also a revamped image and increased public awareness and perception for our Client’s brand.  This is achieved through building and showroom design.

Subsequently FMSA delivered the new NSW Warehouse & Headquarters facility which is the largest Carpet Call warehouse at over 6,000 sqm floor space.

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