• Notel Melbourne sketch concept

  • Notel - an urban caravan park

  • Notel Melbourne by night

Notel Melbourne – from concept to reality

Set to launch this week, we are sharing the collaborative process that defined Notel Melbourne.  Our team has worked with the client for a couple of years testing ideas that bring a new sense of purpose to the inner city car park.  The concepts varied in scale and purpose before settling on the idea of transforming the rooftop into a concept hotel and events.

Fleshing out the concept, we proposed using AirStreams to give the concept a sense of luxury. The appeal of the AirStream targets the alternative accommodation movement popularised by services such as AirBnb.

With the idea formed the client set about making it happen. From finding AirStreams in California to craning them onto the CBD rooftop, the delivery of Notel is instilled with the adventurous vision that defines the project.

FMSA continued to work with the Notel team to detail and deliver the project. The process included developing concepts for the outdoor spaces and liaising with the City of Melbourne.

Launching on Thursday, we are excited to be a part of the collaborative team that turned the vision into a unique reality.