National Boer War Memorial Competition – FMSA Entry

Recently FMSA participated in the open design competition for the National Boer War Memorial, Canberra.

The FMSA team generated a design proposal that seeks to be visually stimulating to passers-by and those that visit the memorial, the scale and presence to Anzac parade is modest and introspective. The broad design of the memorial was designed around a strict geometry and axis sympathetic with the Griffins’ plan for Canberra. The design proposal was heavily inspired by the geometry of Rising Sun Badge, with the 13 sandstone blades depicting the 13 rays of sun in the emblem.

Inspiration was also drawn from the use of the horse as a key element in Australia’s defence in the Boer War. Through material choice and innovative details, the visitor is reminded subtly of this using sound created by the metal floor plates to recreate the ‘clip-clop’ of a horses hooves.