Kooky Cubby update: Pushing the boundaries & printing with plastic

Throughout the Kooky Cubby build process there has been constant testing and experimentation, along with failures of the technology and materials as the boundaries were pushed. The freedoms and limitations of this advanced fabrication technique were challenging, but allowed the team to strive for innovation and create an integrated solution.

Printing complex shapes and geometry our of plastic using a printing robot has definitely been a learning process for the whole Kooky Cubby team.

As a truly one of a kind form, the final form was driven by the need for creative solutions to design constraints. Addressing the issues during this prototyping stage have set the project parameters including the logistics of the assembly, the selection and availability of plastic to use for printing; printing constraints like speed, bead size, temperature and times; panel sizes for weight and ease of transport, the connection details between the panels and other materials, and integrating structure into the panel design for rigidity.

As the constraints are solved we are ready to start printing the real, final panels – more on that later!