Virtual reality meets the Cubby House Challenge

Our cubby design for the Kids Under Cover 2017 Cubby House Challenge got virtual recently when FMSA staff and the junior council from Footscray West Primary School got to experience the kooky cubby using virtual reality goggles.

We held a workshop with students from grades one and two at Footscray West Primary School to get feedback from the cubby house experts – the kids! FMSA staffers Stephen and Karen ran the workshop with the kids getting to interact with the design using the 3D virtual reality goggles. The feedback from the kids was great and we are taking their ideas on board as we continue to refine our concept and design.

Back in the office FMSA staff also took the goggles for a spin which led to a lot of laughs as we wandered around the 3D cubby.

Thanks to the students and staff from Footscray West Primary School for road testing our cubby – we can’t wait to share more with you soon!