Raising the walls of the Kooky Cubby

After months of design, prototyping, testing and production we are finally approaching the finishing line in the Kooky Cubby process. Today the team celebrate a major milestone which saw the first 3d printed wall panels installed on the base plinth.

The process felt like a mix of putting together a very complex 3 dimensional puzzle, and an old timey barn raising with the team working together to place one panel at a time on the base, adjust the position and hold it in place for fixing before moving on to the next.

We couldn’t let this occasion pass without capturing it on film so that we could share our excitement and an insight into the unique process. If only it was as quick as the timelapse portrays!

With only a couple of weeks to go until the Kooky Cubby is on show at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and auctioned as part of the Kids Under Cover Cubby House Challenge fundraising project, we will be sharing more updates of our progress.