Kooky Cubby update: Constructing the structure

While the printing of the wall panels and cnc cutting of the base pieces underway at the RMIT Architectural Robotics Lab, production of the other pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together. Working with project sponsors including Walsh Industries who donated and made the steel structural column that holds the cubby together, and QAQ Decorative & Privacy Screens who donated cutting services and an acrylic rooftop to the FMSA team building the Kooky Cubby.

Using technical drawings and information produced by FMSA Architecture and Aurecon, the production team have been working to make their individual elements.

Thanks to both Walsh Industries and QAQ Decorative & Privacy Screens for being a pivotal part of the Kooky Cubby team and making our design a reality. 

Once all of the pieces of the puzzle are completed the next step is to get down to business and constructing the Kooky Cubby at our construction hub at Bowens North Melbourne, but more on that to come!