Putting the finishing touches on the Kooky Cubby

After months of design, testing and construction the Kooky Cubby team are in the home stretch. With only a few days to go until the Cubby House Village is open to the public and the cubbies are auctioned to raise funds for Kids Under Cover, the team is busy putting the finishing touches on the cubby.

Now that the cubby is at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show site the team are able to complete works on the base plinth including adding the grass layer and Colorbond steel cladding.

Inside the cubby work the CNC cut acrylic provided by QAQ Decorative screening and honeycomb like timber roof screen cut by RMIT Architectural Robotics Lab was fixed in place revealing the amazing effect that the coloured material has on the printed wall panels. Giving the cubby a rosy and golden glow, the addition of the roof really brings the internal space to life.

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