KUC Cubby House designs revealed

After months of teasing and sneak peeks the designs for the Kids Under Cover 2017 Cubby House Challenge have been officially revealed.

Each of the five design and build teams competing for the title of Australia’s Best Cubby have created unique concepts that are sure to spark the imagination of their future tiny owners.

We have named our cubby the kooky cubby. We set ourselves the goal to design a cubby like no other by using advanced 3D printing and modelling technology to create a form.

By applying these big ideas on a small scale we have designed a unique play space that is an innovative architectural expression. The organic form creates opportunities for kids to explore and imaginatively play.

The kooky cubby redefines how play spaces are built and experienced with the bonus of introducing and inspiring today’s youth to the opportunities and possibilities in design thinking to create innovative design and technology.

The technical team including Upstream Studio and Aurecon have been busy working out the final design details. Printing is programmed to start at RMIT d_Lab next week for 3 weeks, then it is off to Bowens North Melbourne to be assembled!

For details on how to register to bid on the cubbies and to check out the other designs, visit the Kids Under Cover website here.