FMSA Insight presents….

We like to share knowledge and have a little fun while doing it, so every few Friday nights at FMSA we have presentations or Insights as we like to call them.

Presentations throughout this year have covered a range of topics – everything from educational presentations in affordable housing trends, cogeneration, current projects, chair design competitions and even a fun trivia night and a few holiday recaps (an office favourite) thrown in for good measure.

With the last Insight for the year scheduled for this year – all about Permaculture but more on that later – it is probably a good time to thank this year’s Insight organisers FMSA staffers Nancy and Mark for doing a great job. Another fun part of Insight for me personally is getting to design the posters, so thank you to the team for letting me have a little bit of design fun – take a peek at a few samples from this year on the left.