FMSA particpates in the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge

We are excited to announce that FMSA staffer Kirstin Griese is participating in the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge as the Team Australia Design Lead.

Further building from our ongoing relationship with PICAC who are the organisers of the Australian team for the 2016 challenge, Kirstin was selected as the Design Lead for the project joining Team Leaders Greg Tink (PICAC) and Aaron Bridger, Plumbers Sam Welsh and Luke Pettenon, and metal fabricator Mitchell Fisch.

Taking place in Diepsloot – Johannesburg, South Africa, the goal of the Community Plumbing Challenge program is to demonstrate the vital role of the plumbing industry in protecting public health.

The 2016 project will see the Teams from Australia, South Africa, India and the USA compete to design and install new sanitation systems for existing toilet and wash facilities across Diepsloot (South Africa), working in close  collaboration with the WASSUP team.

New designs will take into consideration current infrastructure (including toilets, taps and drains), community sanitation needs, ongoing maintenance, and the ability to control and monitor water usage.

In the coming week we will be sharing updates from Kirstin about the progress and experience of the Community Plumbing Challenge 2016 from South Africa.

For more updates and information about the program, visit the Community Plumbing Challenge facebook page