Final day of cubby construction!

Having worked for months on the construction of the cubby, it is fair to say the Kooky Cubby team are starting to go a little kooky themselves.

The last week presented many challenges including combating torrential rain, finding solutions for the final details and getting the cubby finished on time!

We are happy to share that we made it through the last day of construction and the Kooky Cubby is finally complete! Thank you to the team for their effort to get through the final push to see the cubby done.

It is fair to say that the team members who were there at the end of the day were ecstatic, excited and maybe just a little exhausted.

Tomorrow the Kooky Cubby together with the 4 other cubbies in the Kids Under Cover Cubby House Village will be visited by the Design and Kid judges ahead of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show opening on Wednesday 29th March.

Thank you to all of our Kooky Cubby team members and staff who volunteered to help get the cubby finished. What an amazing achievement!