Dhurringile Prison opening

The recently completed expansion of the H.M Dhurringile Prison was officially opened June 2nd by the Minister for Corrections Hon. Bob Cameron MP.

Designed by FMSA for the Department of Justice and Corrections Victoria; the $16.8 million expansion has increased the capacity to 214 prisoners, making it the largest minimum security facility in the state. Along with the extra beds, the minimum security Prison has new training and workshop facilities, a laundry, kitchen and administrative area. FMSA’s approach to the design of the building has steered away from an institutional sensibility, instead creating a safe, welcoming environment for the prisoners to develop skills and better prepare for the transition into society.

Of the expansion, Minister Cameron said “Minimum security prisons are a stepping stone when prisoners are on the way home and we hope that when they are home, they won’t reoffend. This is not only an expansion, but also a redevelopment, so prisoners can leave with more skills than they came into prison with.”