• Good design is adaptive

Good design is adaptive. FMSA’s COVID 19 response

These are unprecedented times, but we want to assure our clients, suppliers and consultants that we are doing our part to protect our communities and the business we manage.

As we do with all of our projects, we are assessing risk during the Coronavirus pandemic and reviewing protocols daily. Planning for and adapting to change is best practice in architecture, and we will continue to monitor official government advice and assess and respond to our team’s unique needs to ensure our work can continue safely.

No industry is immune to the impacts of the Coronavirus, but our team is well prepared for the changes that will be required over the coming days and weeks. Currently our office remains open, but we have begun to implement a series of changes to how we work. 



Where practicable, we will be limiting travel and will participate in all meetings virtually. This will mean fewer site visits and more virtual conferencing.

All visits to our offices and presentations from our supplier networks have been suspended to limit unnecessary exposure. In place of face-to-face meetings, we will maintain communications virtually via platforms including Join.Me, and the usual email and phone channels. We use all of these platforms daily in our practice, and they will continue to support us in our collaborations with consultants, clients and community throughout this period, whether from the office or at home.



We have implemented a remote working plan to support our staff to continue their work off-site as needed.

As at 18 March, almost one quarter of our team has commenced working remotely and we are testing new protocols that will help to coordinate efforts and ensure continuity of service delivery on our busy portfolio of projects.


HYGIENE AND DISTANCING MEASURES Those who show signs of being unwell will be asked to work from home or rest as required.Until health department directives change, we are taking no unnecessary risks and are practising social distancing as a precaution within our office. Our staff members are also practising vigilant hand hygiene and will self-isolate should they suspect they are unwell.

There is much we do not know about this pandemic, but what we do know is that this level of disruption will eventually end. Now, more than ever, we see thoughtful and adaptable design as crucial to the advancement of healthy and resilient communities. We continue to deliver our rigorous and reliable services with this long view in mind and will keep you informed about any major changes as the situation progresses.

Stay informed and stay well.

FMSA Architecture