Notel Melbourne sketch concept

Notel Melbourne – from concept to reality

Set to launch this week, we are sharing the collaborative process that defined Notel Melbourne.  Our team has worked with the client for a couple of years testing ideas that bring a new sense of purpose to the inner city car park.  The concepts varied in scale and purpose before settling on the idea of transforming the rooftop into a concept hotel and events.

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In the studio: FMSA joins instagram

FMSA has joined instagram! In fact, we have 2 accounts – our studio account and a special interiors focused one run by our interiors team.

Our team will be sharing more from the studio, things we do, see and love from the world of design.

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out of office | Visiting NGV

In Melbourne we are lucky to have a thriving and diverse creative scene. Starting with today’s post we will profile our time exploring this scene in our new series, out of office. First up, a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria with Jess our graphic designer.

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