2016 Community Plumbing Challenge – Day 3

We are happy to share an update from Team Australia members experience on Day Three of the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge:

‘Today was the first official build day, beginning with an incredible experience at the church where the compound is located. The vibrant harmonies of the choir and patrons filled every inch of the room, which was an experience for the team on its own.

A quick debrief and all teams were hands on deck. The pace of the work was quick, efficient, and team orientated for the Australians. Battling with power cuts, welder sharing, and language boundaries, all teams found a flow of working together to cram as much work as possible into the time frame they were given. The work setup was productive, tools of very reasonable quality, and the hard work produced by all teams commendable.

All in all, a hard honest days work for a cause well worth working for.’

Check back  for more updates from Kirstin, and visit the Community Plumbing Challenge Facebook page for more details about the program.