2016 Community Plumbing Challenge – Final Day

We are happy to share an update from Team Australia members experience on the final day of the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge:

‘After just over a week of hard work, team bonding and celebrations, the Community Plumbing Challenge for 2016 came to a close. The final day of the Challenge saw 4 of the 8 toilet cubicles craned into position across extension 1 Diepsloot, but they were not been fully connected. The remainder went out this morning and were connected one by one throughout the day. Team Australia returned to site and tackled the final connections and concreting gullies to catch wash water outside each cubicle. Material shortages and making water connections under pressure aside, the tasks were completed by midday.

Final photos were taken and we were bused back to our work compound and packed up our remaining tools. From there we returned to our hotel for lunch and prepared for our one hour bus trip to Pretoria, to visit Mr Adam McCarthy, the Australian High Commissioner in Southern Africa, and his staff, for late afternoon drinks and an informal debriefing of the CPC and Australia’s involvement through PICAC.

On our return to the hotel the final presentation night was about to begin. A local drama troupe presented a performance that highlighted the effects on communities lacking access to effective sanitation, that the developed world often takes for granted.

Presentations, acknowledgements, dinner and the discussion “Where to Beyond CPC 2016” followed, then of course dancing, photographs, laughter and final good bye’s and conversations saw out the evening.’

Congratulations to the organisers, other teams and Team Australia on their great effort in this challenge. Visit the Community Plumbing Challenge Facebook page for more details about the program.