2016 Community Plumbing Challenge – Day One

Taking a break from the challenge, FMSA graduate Architect Kirstin Griese is here to share her first update from the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge:

Day 1

‘Today was a day of preparations on site before the challenge begins tomorrow after noon. The Aus Team arrived on site by mini bus around 10.45 after a leisurely start following a very late night.

The challenge is taking part in a community centre with a large fenced off paddock area on the edge of Deipsloot.

The team surveyed the compound and their 2 concrete cubicles that have been assigned to them. Measuring and reviewing there plans they developed over the previous 5 weeks in Melbourne.

Following that they were asked to do some simple ground works around the compound to prepare for a much increased foot traffic when the other teams arrive tomorrow on site.

The works were shared with South African team after introductions and conversation.

They also helped complete a rough stage with timber pallets for an outdoor presentation in the coming days.

Following that we had a simple lunch consisting of a fresh salad sandwich and an apple while we sat indoors with the South African team listening to a presentation by Health Habitat on the relationship between poor health and bad building maintenance.

We arrived back at the hotel around 3.45 bring our short work day to an end. The team is about to meet for a meal and briefing about tomorrow’s planned activities.

All are excited and in good spirits.’

Check back tomorrow for more updates from Kirstin, and visit the Community Plumbing Challenge facebook page for more details about the program.