2016 Community Plumbing Challenge Day 5

We are happy to share an update from Team Australia members experience on Day 5 of the 2016 Community Plumbing Challenge:

‘Today was the build day for our collaboration design. All teams worked together to construct this design. Everyone worked perfectly together to get most of the units finished, this would not have been possible if everyone hadn’t worked as hard as they did. The welders and metal fabricators all worked together to cut and weld doors together, the plumbers all tiered in together to fabricate the gal plumbing for the water that supplies the unit, concrete sinks in the outside of the units and to install toilet pans. 

In the afternoon after lunch all teams also helped team South Africa finish both of their units off (freestyle and calibration) as they are the first to install their units on site in Diepsloot. ‘

Check back  for more updates from Kirstin, and visit the Community Plumbing Challenge Facebook page for more details about the program.