1 minute with | interior designer Sonya Iskandar

Next up in our staff profile series 1 minute with, meet Interior Designer Sonya Iskandar . In addition to her passion for interior design, Sonya is a woman of many talents singing, speaking French and painting! Get to know more :

Why did you become a designer?

I actually wanted to be a lawyer at first, then an architect, then finally interior designer. I think I am more intuitive in the internal spatial design.

What’s the best bit about your job? 

The “human” factor – interior design creates the opportunity to help client and stakeholders to improve their activities and organisational process through design. I enjoy being involved in projects that support the needs of the community through good design such as ACGP and the Eastern Hub.  The exposure to many different types of projects – from community centres, to major residential developments, to correctional centres – is challenging and interesting.

What is your definition ‘innovation’?

To me innovation doesn’t necessarily refer to something that has never been seen before. It’s more about a methodology to me – exploring how to utilise/ implement/ strategise in a way that delivers effective and multi-functional outcomes.

Why do clients need to use interior designers?

Design can be an intimidating and complex process, be they private residence, community centre and correctional facility.

The best solution would always be a holistic one. As interior designers, we actively listen and then consolidate ideas, wish-lists and are able to be objective and present solutions in both bird’s eye view and detail.

This enables us to come up with holistic solutions, ensuring all clients requirements are captured, both present and future needs, and stage the design/ work, when required, as per degree of urgency.


What’s your favourite building in the world? Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris – France

When you need inspiration where do you turn? Nature, Music, Art, Design Articles

3 words to describe yourself:  Passionate, neurotic, anomaly

The first album/ concert you went to:  Funny…I don’t remember, But the most memorable one is when I went and saw Marcel Marceau in Melbourne.