1 minute with | Interior Designer Kim Dumayne

Next up in our staff profile series 1 minute with, meet Interior Designer Kim Dumayne. In addition to being a great interior designer, Kim is an amazing photographer. Get to know more :

Why did you do interiors?

Interior design is inherently about people – how we occupy and interact with space and with each other. Pursuing interiors was my way of attempting to enhance people’s daily lives.

What is it that you like about being an interior designer?

Having the chance to explore and practice creative ideas with people.

What is it about design that you love?

Design is all around us. The ability to have an impact on, or at least inform, how we interact with the world around us – whether it is for work, rest or play.

This weekend you’ll find me…. Taking photos – here, there and everywhere.

My hidden talent is… the ability to fit everything in the car boot.

Favourite time of day and why? Blue hour – favourite light for photography

Your personal colour palette is: black and white

Spirit animal: Totoro