DELWP Anglesea Office and Depot


Department of Environment & Primary Industries




Anglesea, Victoria


$4 M


Interior Design

DEPI Anglesea Office and Depot is a significant site servicing the combined functional requirements of the Department of Environment & Primary Industries and Parks Victoria. 

The facility comprises an office building catering for 34 staff and including kitchen, conference room, specialised fire control room, amenities, various sheds for storage and work functions and a washdown bay. 

The combination of the built form with landscaping and external site initiatives collectively manifests as a significant architectural and ESD response to the site.

The building is visually defined by many integrated passive climate control mechanisms, the most significant being the mass concrete, extended eaves and earth green-roof covering the southern half of the building. 

Other environmental systems utilise a combination of natural elements: earth, water, air and sunlight, each engaged in both architectural and energy conservation roles through night-sky cooling system, evaporative cooling units, sewerage and grey water systems and rain water collection. 

Drought resistant indigenous plant species, sourced locally were selected for their ability to cope with local conditions and assist with the cleansing of the site runoff. The planted green roof uses fire resistant succulent species and forms an integral part of the site landscaping as one of a series of green mounds ringed by planted drainage swales.

UN Australian Association World Environment Day Award – High Commendation

The building is visually defined by many integrated passive climate control mechanisms.

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